World Premiere
by Karen Hartman
Know Theatre of Cincinnati, 2018

Director - Holly L. Derr
Scenic Designer, Charge, Prop Master - Sarah Beth Hall
Lighting Designer - Andrew J. Hungerford
Costume Designer - Noelle Wedig
Sound and Projections Designer - Douglas Borntrager
Puppet Designer - Erika Kate MacDonald

Photography by Dan R. Winters and Sarah Beth Hall

“But nowhere is the humanity/nature relationship more dazzlingly defined than in Sarah Beth Hall’s set design. Every scene is set in the woods, but these woods are made of green shirts and brown paper with lines of code written on them….In the first moments of the play, Janelle hangs laundry on the front porch, almost literally adding trees to the forest while lamenting that she never learned to do it properly. Later, at a key moment when the opportunity for self-examination finally arrives, the set literally opens for the revelation.”
--Zach Moning, Artswave